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Brentwood is a neighborhood in north central Austin, Texas. The area is bordered by Burnet Road on the west, Lamar Blvd on the east, 45th Street on the south and Justin Lane on the north. The City of Austin annexed most of the neighborhood in 1946 and purchased the land next to Brentwood Elementary to establish the neighborhood's Brentwood Park in 1951. Running through the middle of the area is a tree-lined street named Arroyo Seco which follows a creek of the same name. Our annual holiday luminaria display is just one of our many beloved traditions.

Brentwood is now a trendy and popular area that is home to gorgeous tree-lined streets and established homes. Many of the homes are bungalow style homes, normally one story, and have a low to medium pitched roof and simple, rectangular shapes. Many were originally two bedrooms and were purchased by GIs who wanted to start families following WWII. The combination of original residents who never left the 'hood and a growing number of young professsionals have built a strong community which fits perfectly with the style of Austin. 

All residents within the boundaries of Brentwood are encouraged to join the Brentwood Neighborhood Association and become a partner as we work to create a welcoming and inclusive community of engaged citizens.  The best way to reach out to the Officers and Steering Committee members if you have questions, concerns or ideas is to email us at brentwood.austin@gmail.com .  People can also join our official Yahoo Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/brentwood-na/join to follow communications on our neighhorhood forum.

Welcome to Brentwood, y'all!!!

Brentwood Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting and Election


The annual General Membership meeting and Election of Officers and Steering Committee Members will be held February 27, 2019 at 7:00 pm at the North Austin Lions Club at 1103 Justin Lane.  BNA members will elect officers and a steering committee to serve in 2019 and changes to the Bylaws will be put to a vote.  We will also review our achievements over the past year.  Our District 7 Council Woman Leslie Poole will talk about the status of the new land development code process, scooters and answer community questions.  Anne Charlotte Patterson from Crestview will talk about the Ryan Drive development on Justin Lane. Capitol Metro representative Cynthia Miller will pass out surveys at the beginning of the meeting to get community feedback.

The Slate for 2019:

Officers: President: Bill Spiesman, 5700 Clay, 512-699-1493 Vice-President: Barbara McArthur, 5700 Clay, 512-699-1493 Treasurer: Angie Ward, 1707 Romeria, 512-452-1366
Secretary: Diane Larson, 1307 Choquette, 512-919-2235
Steering Committee: Pamela Leighton-Burwell, 1417 Palo Duro, 512-467-7093
Don Leighton-Burwell,
Don Leighton-Burwell, 1417 Palo Duro, 512-323-2017
Bill Morgan, 2005 Burbank, 512-454-7207
Rachel Copperman, 5604 Jeff Davis, 512-680-1997
Bill Morgan, 2005 Burbank, 512-454-7207 Rachel Copperman, 5604 Jeff Davis, 512-680-1997
Officers and the steering committee are elected in February for a one-year term. If you are interested in serving, please contact an officer.  It is a great way to meet others in your neighborhood, work to improve the neighborhood, and have fun.

Ryan Kirk, 1108 Ruth, 361-945-1253
Peter Siengenthaler, 1700 Palo Duro, 512-289-5832
Kristine Poland, 5709 Woodrow, 512-914-5505

The Annual Meeting is an excellent opportunity to renew your annual dues or join for the first time - only $10/Household or $5/Senior Citizens.  Your membership helps fund annual events and neighborhood endeavors.  Our neighborhood is bounded by Justin Lane, 45th Street, Lamar Boulevard and Burnet Road.  All residents are welcome to join the BNA.  Learn more about Membership options here: http://brentwoodaustin.blogspot.com/p/join-bna.html  As a member of the Brentwood Neighborhood Association, you are also welcome to attend the Steering Committee's regular monthly meetings.  They are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the North Austin Lions Club on 1103 Justin Lane.  If you have an issue that you want added to the agenda, please contact us at brentwood.austin@gmail.com.