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Brentwood is a neighborhood in north central Austin, Texas. The area is bordered by Burnet Road on the west, Lamar Blvd on the east, 45th Street on the south and Justin Lane on the north. The City of Austin annexed most of the neighborhood in 1946 and purchased the land next to Brentwood Elementary to establish the neighborhood's Brentwood Park in 1951. Running through the middle of the area is a tree-lined street named Arroyo Seco which follows a creek of the same name. This is the site of an annual holiday luminaria presentation.

Brentwood is now a trendy and popular area that is home to gorgeous tree-lined streets and established homes. Many of the homes are bungalow style homes, normally one story, and have a low to medium pitched roof and simple, rectangular shapes. Many were originally two bedrooms and were purchased by GIs who wanted to start families following WWII. The combination of original residents who never left the 'hood and a growing number of young professsionals have built a strong community which fits perfectly with the style of Austin.Welcome to Brentwood, y'all!!!

Brentwood Neighborhood Plan Contact Team Meeting - 5/26

The Brentwood Neighborhood Plan Contact Team meeting will be held next Thursday, May 26th from 6:00 to 7:30pm.

This meeting will be open to the public.The location will be 1415 Justin Lane - in the secondary apartment in the back. Go through the gate and up the driveway. We will be meeting on the second floor. 

Brief Agenda:
Recap of Contact Team Meeting with City of Austin
Bylaws update requested by C.O.A.
Any other items.

Travis G. Young

BNA May Steering Committee Meeting Agenda

Brentwood Steering Committee Meeting Agenda
May 4, 2016 7:00 p.m.
North Austin Lions Club (1103 Justin Ln)
1. Welcome
2. Additions to Agenda/Guests
3. Speakers/Presenters
·    Bike Austin – Miller Nuttle
·    1601 Koenig Lane – Sarah Olano/Suzanne Daniels
4. Old Business
·    Zoning at 4705 Burnet Road
·    Violet Crown Spring Festival
·    Brentwood Signs
·    Bench Update
·    Approval of April Minutes
5. New Business
  • BNPCT Website
  • Garage Placement Ordinance – City Council 5/5
  • Austin Transportation Meeting
  • Whiteside
  • Summer Camp Posting
6. Committee Reports

A. Transportation
B. Finance
C. Information
D. Police Relations
E. Zoning
G. Arroyo Seco
H. Parks and Rec

7. Adjourn

Brentwood Neighborhood Plan Contact Team Website

Brentwood Neighborhood Plan Contact Team

A new website has been created to provide information and public outreach regarding the Brentwood Neighborhood Plan Contact Team. The Brentwood Neighborhood Plan was adopted on August 15, 2006 by the BNPCT. The website includes Bylaws, Contacts, Team Member listing and links to many resources related to Brentwood and neighborhood plans, in general. Learn more at http://bnpct.blogspot.com/

Announcement for 2016: Steering Committee Minutes to be Published Online

In order to improve transparency and give residents access to information, we will be posting minutes from the monthly Steering Committee Meetings for the Brentwood Neighborhood Association on this website.  We understand that people are not always able to attend the open meetings, so we want to be proactive and post records of these monthly events starting in 2016.  Once the Minutes have been approved, we will add a PDF record to our BNA Steering Committee webpage

BNA April 6 Steering Committee Agenda

Brentwood Steering Committee Meeting Agenda
April 6, 2016 7:00 p.m.
North Austin Lions Club (1103 Justin Ln)
1. Welcome
2. Additions to Agenda/Guests/Speakers
  • Lauren Van Ert – Proposition 1
3. Old Business
  • Arroyo Seco Bench Plaques
  • Violet Crown Spring Festival
  • RPP checks for Ullrich
  • Neighborhood Partnering Program – Pocket Park
  • Approval of February and March Minutes
4. New Business
·         Brentwood Signs
·         Bylaws Amendment
·         Newsletter Article Policy – for-profit business articles
·         Plan for Spring GM Meeting
·         STR Letter to Neighborhood Associations
·         ANC Sector 2 Meeting Report
·         Zoning at 4705 Burnet Road
5. Committee Reports

A. Transportation
B. Finance
C. Information
D. Police Relations
E. Zoning
G. Arroyo Seco

6. Adjourn

General Membership Meeting Agenda 02-17-16

 General Membership Meeting Agenda
 North Austin Lions Club (1103 Justin Ln)

1.      Welcome
2.     Announcements and Guest
·         Violet Crown Spring Festival
·         2016 Historic Homes Tour
·         District 49 candidate – Heather Way (5 minutes)
3.     Year in Review – Committee Reports
·         Annual events and commitments
·          Transportation
·         Membership/Finance
·         Information
·         Police
·         Zoning
·         Arroyo Seco Project

4.     Thank You
5.     Election of Officers/Steering Committee
6.     Comments by President-Elect
7.      The Year Ahead
8.     Comments, Concerns, Compliments
9.     CM Leslie Pool
10. Adjourn