RE: Grover Family Lane Project

On Wednesday, August 3, 2016, the Steering Committee for the Brentwood Neighborhood Association approved a motion to offer support for the idea of the Grover Family Lane Project.  The Brentwood Neighborhood Association (BNA) has a long history of supporting multi-modal transportation efforts and exploring safe routes for cyclists and pedestrians throughout our neighborhood.  Population growth and traffic congestion in the area are strong arguments for a dedicated cycle and pedestrian lane along Grover Avenue. The lack of sidewalks, lane striping and coherent speed mitigation are also compelling arguments for the project.  This project has the potential to enhance public safety and encourage sustainable modes of transportation.

The continued support of the Steering Committee of the BNA is conditioned on the project receiving 60% support from households inside the survey area that has been determined by the Neighborhood Partnering Program.  Our support at this time cannot serve to represent the opinions or views of residents in Brentwood who live in the defined survey area.  Each resident will have the opportunity to consider the merits of the project and vote accordingly.  It is also important to note that even if the 60% support threshold is met, there will still be opportunities for community input in the implementation of the project.

The resolution adopted by the Steering Committee includes the caveat that we only speak on behalf of the portion of the proposed project that falls within the boundaries of Brentwood. We do not speak for Crestview residents or on behalf of any neighborhood association or group within the area of Crestview. 

We encourage residents within the survey area and the greater community to thoughtfully consider the Grover Family Lane Project and the potential benefits to the quality of life within our community.

John Halaburt

Brentwood Neighborhood Association

BNA August Steering Committee Meeting

Brentwood Steering Committee Meeting Agenda
August 3, 2016 7:00 p.m.
North Austin Lions Club (1103 Justin Ln)

1. Welcome
2. Additions to Agenda/Guests/Speakers
  •  5527 Sunshine/900 Houston St – Cater Joseph
3. Old Business
  •   Grover Family Lane Project
  •  Newsletter Articles
  • Approval of July Minutes
4. New Business
  • BNA 2017
  • Labor Day Parade
  • 1301 W. Koenig Lane
5. Committee Reports
A. Transportation
B. Finance C. Information
D. Police Relations

E. Zoning

G. Arroyo Seco

6. Adjourn