Brentwood Neighborhood Annual Meeting

Please join us for our Annual Meeting and Election.
Brentwood Neighborhood Association
General Membership Meeting 02-21-17, 7:00 pm
 North Austin Lions Club (1103 Justin Ln)

1.      Welcome
2.      Guests:
·       CM Leslie Pool
        Anne-Charlotte Patterson - Ryan Drive Park
        Jim Duncan - CodeNext

        Violet Crown Spring Festival
        Violet Crown Car Show

3.    Election of Officers/Steering Committee

4.    Comments by President-Elect

5.    Year in Review – Committee Reports
·         Annual events and commitments
·         Transportation
·         Membership/Finance
·         Information
·         Police
·         Zoning
·         Parks and Rec

6.    Comments, Concerns, Compliments
7.    Adjourn

Jim Duncan has been one of America’sleading urban planners for more than half a century.  In addition to serving as a consultant to over 300 public sector clients  more than 40 states, he managed planning and development programsfor Austin, Texas; Broward County, Florida; Hollywood, Florida; Miami-Dade County, Florida and Ventura County, California.  Jim has served as an advisor to two Florida Governors, co-wrote the nation’s first state impact fee enabling act and prepared one ofthe first comprehensive plans to incorporate “consistency andconcurrency.”  He co-authored the best-selling APA publication, “Growth Management Principles and Practices” and wrote the “PublicInfrastructure” chapter in the ICMA “Planner’s Greenbook.”   Jim has served as national president of the American Planning Association and as president of its Florida chapter.  He is also aFellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners, the highest honor of his profession.  Jim has a masters degree in regional and city planning from the University of Oklahoma and a
bachelors degree in journalism and political science from the University of Texas at Austin.  OU has honored him with both an Outstanding Alumni Award and a Regents Alumni Award, the University’s highest honor short of an honorary degree.

BNA Steering Committee Agenda for February

BNA Steering Committee Agenda for February

February 7, 2018
7:00 pm at the Lions Club (1103 Justin Lane)

1. Welcome

2. Additions to Agenda/Guests

3. Old Business
- Approval of Previous SC Minutes
- Code Next Update

4. New Business
- General Membership Meeting Agenda
- Newsletter Layout
- Violet Crown Festival sponsorship

5. Committee Reports
A. Transportation
B. Finance
C. Communication
D. Police
E. Zoning
G. Parks and Recs

6. Adjourn