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"Here is the public BOLO (be on the lookout), that has previously been sent out in a press release, on an indecent exposure that occurred on Christmas Day, Dec 25th, in the same area as the New Year's Eve Attack. I hope this BOLO is seen everywhere and passed around all the neighborhood sites that we can get it to. It includes a specific description of the exposure suspects shirt worn on Christmas day. Someone out there knows this guy and we need to get to that person. This is a case that the public will absolutely be needed to help us solve it.

I think if someone knows this guy, they need to see this bolo with THIS SPECIFIC INFORMATION. Thanks for any help can give in getting this out, I hope to see it EVERYWHERE. Thanks very much for the help!!!!" --- APD Lt. Eveleth

Also, check out this link:,-Serial-Attacker-Is-Same-Man20120105-ktbcw#axzz1idzP0RMP