BNA Steering Committee Agenda for January

January 3, 2018
7:00 pm at the Lions Club (1103 Justin Lane)

1. Welcome

2. Additions to Agenda/Guests
          A. Matt Harris – U.S. Congress TX-10 Candidate
          B. MHMR property on Woodrow, “La Paloma”
               Brigid Shea, County Commissioner
               Integral Care Staff representatives
              APD representatives
3. Old Business
-    Approval of Previous SC Minutes
-    Code Next

4. New Business
-    General Membership Meeting (Feb 22)
-     Newsletter Timeline
               Deadline for Articles to Diane
               Pass-off of Articles to DLB
                Distribution (MJ Wetherhead)

5. Committee Reports
A.  Transportation
B.  Finance
C.  Communication
D.  Police
E.  Zoning
F.   ANC 
G.  Parks and Recs

6.  Adjourn