Support BNA

Your support of the Brentwood Neighborhood Association through your annual membership and/or donation is vital to our ability to do projects like the Hike & Bike Trail on Arroyo Seco.

Dues are only $10/household per year (or $5/household, if senior citizen), so your ANNUAL support costs less than a healthy lunch -- what a deal! Only residents of Brentwood are eligible for membership; donations are welcome from all.

If you are interested in joining BNA and want to show your support of our continued efforts to make Brentwood the best neighborhood in town, you can do so by doing the following:
  • Mail -- Fill out our membership form on the back of the newsletter (or click HERE for link) and mail it with your check to the address shown.
  • Digital -- Join through PayPal (using PayPal, Debit or Credit Card) at the link below. PayPal membership is $10.60 ($5.60 for Seniors) due to handling charges. If you are paying your dues thru PayPal, please send the following information to our Treasurer ( for proper credit (and residency verification):
    • Name
    • Address
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Any Concerns (re: Brentwood Neighborhood)
You can also support BNA's efforts with an additional DONATION. This can be made via mail (to same address as the membership form) OR via PayPal (link below). These additional donations let us know that you recognize and appreciate BNA's tireless efforts and on-going work to protect and enhance our neighborhood. We're grateful for your support!

Here are the PayPal links --

BNA Annual Membership:

BNA Additional Donation: