Arroyo Seco Project Survey

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The Arroyo Seco Project is a collaboration between the City of Austin Neighborhood Partnering Program and the Brentwood and Crestview neighborhoods.  The scope of the project includes providing a safe, dedicated shared bicycle/pedestrian lane along both sides of the median of Arroyo Seco from Koenig Lane to Woodrow Avenue, along with benches and pet waste stations along the greenbelt.  

The first phase of the installation, the striping of the dedicated lanes and adding the initial safety features required for the installation, began in early May. Since that time, there has been a good deal of commentary on various listserves and community forums expressing both positive and negative reactions to aspects of the project. Representatives from the Neighborhood Partnering Program led discussions at the June meetings of the Brentwood and Crestview Neighborhood Associations.

Based on all of this great feedback and engagement, we have created a survey that will help us consider what improvements or changes could be made to the project to assuage concerns and also ensure that the project meets the stated goals – a safe, dedicated shared-use space for pedestrians and bicycles along the right-of-way on both sides of Arroyo Seco. The survey will first solicit feedback on which neighborhood people live in and how people are currently choosing to use the trail as part of their daily and weekly routines. These responses will help us determine whether the trail actually serves as a multimodal pathway, as envisioned. In addition, we will ask you to consider a series of possible changes/modifications to the trail.  

We appreciate your time and consideration. Follow the link below to start the survey.