October Brentwood Steering Committee Meeting


Brentwood Neighborhood Steering Committee Meeting
7 pm Wednesday, October 6, 2021

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1. Welcome
2. Old Business
            a. Approval of September SC minutes
3. New Business
            a. CM Leslie Pool on Prop A and B
            b. BNA Newsletter publication, ad sales coordinator, editor
            c. Arroyo Maintenance Status
            d. DLB & PLB Serve Until 02-22
            e. Luminarias
            f. Violet Crown Community Works Oktoberfest (Sun, 10/24 2-6p)
4. Committee Reports
            a. Transportation
            b. Finance
            c. Communication
            d. Public Safety
            e. Zoning/Land Use
            f. ANC
            g. Parks and Rec
            5. Adjournment