2010 Luminarias along the Arroyo

This year we're trying something different regarding our Holiday Luminarias along the Arroyo. Instead of having one person coordinate this annual holiday celebration, we've styled the event as a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) affair. And so far, thanks primarily to the help of Michele Holt acting as our "clearing house" of information (and distribution of candles), it looks like we'll have another successful year of holiday lights!

To help with conveying years of collective history (and logistics) about this event, we're posting to the blog in a Q&A format some pertinent information to let folks know about some basic steps in creating this event. We have some info posted on the "Files" section of the Brentwood E-Group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/brentwood-na/files/Luminarias/). There you will find a map and other info shown helpful tips on luminarias. Also, check-out the "Photos" section for more info (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/brentwood-na/photos/album/0/list).

So here's the Q&A so far; check in periodically for updates:

Q: When do we light the luminarias?
A: December 20 - 25

Q: What time do we light?
A: We light at 6 pm and extinguish at 10 pm.

Q: Do I have to extinguish the lights? Won't they just burn out?
A: Yes, please do extinguish them. It's safer and it saves candles. If you let them burn out, you'll use 6 candles. You should really only need 2 or 3.

Q: Do I have to secure my own milk/water jugs?
A: Yes and no. If you can, please do! If you can't, there are many people working hard to collect extras and you are welcome to them.

Q: Where can I pick up jugs if I need them?
A: A few different places. Michele Holt's house at 1515 Ruth has a large box and some garbage bags full of jugs. Swing by and get what you need. There are also collection stations at Brentwood Elementary. A neighbor is picking those up. When they have all been collected we will make an announcement and you can come and get those as well. Neighbor Mike McChesney is collecting from Starbucks at an impressive rate. You can reach him at: mcchesney@austin.rr.com. If you need jugs, PLEASE ASK on the list serve and someone will help you.

Q: Where do I get the sand for the bottom of the jug?
A: There will be a yard of sand delivered to Brentwood Park that everyone can use. We will make a list serve and blog announcement when it arrives.

Q: Do I have to buy my own candles?
A: No, not if you live in Brentwood. The BNA has kindly purchased candles for us. They will be available for pick-up at Michele Holt's house sometime after the 13th. We'll announce that as well. If you live in Crestview you will need to purchase your own candles. The BNA has a small budget for this project and we have exceeded it with the candle purchase alone. However, please know we are so grateful for your participation. You will have access to the sand which will be at Brentwood Park sometime in the coming week. If you need help with anything, please post to both the BW and CV lists and we'll get you set up.

Q: I took a section but I need help lighting and extinguishing. What can I do?
A: Please post to the listserve! There are plenty of people willing to help; they just need to know who needs it. Please put I NEED HELP WITH LUMINARIS in your subject box. Give your arroyo location and what nights you need help.

Q: How do I cut the milk jugs?
A: Check out drawing at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/brentwood-na/photos/album/0/list. Use sharp mat knife, start near handle and follow dashed line shown in link above. Be careful!

Q: Are there any areas still needing volunteers?
A: There is also a small patch from the Brentwood Elementary bridge SOUTH to Ruth. Other folks are looking for volunteers to help them with their sections. If you would like to take any of these areas, please post it to the list serve asap or contact Michele Holt at: wabisabiholt@gmail.com

Q: I don't really want to commit, but I'd like to help. Can I just show up?
A: Well, sure! It would be helpful to know how much help we have, but if you want to mosey on down to your area at 6pm and/or 10pm, I'm sure we can use you.

Q: I can't help with the project, but I'd like to donate money. Who can I talk to about this?
A: By joining the Brentwood Neighborhood Association, your dues will help all neighborhood projects such as this. If you really just want to donate some cash, contact Michele Holt at: wabisabiholt@gmail.com and she'll get you to the right person.

New Website Launched

Welcome to the all new BNA website.

This is the first step in the process of modernizing the web presence for our neighborhood and building a stronger community of involved citizens. Please take a moment to bookmark our new site, so you can return soon. We will be adding regular content and blogging about what is happening in our neighborhood. We hope you will follow our progress in creating a more dynamic web presence that augments our other neighborhood resources (Yahoo e-group and Newsletter) and the great work that volunteers are doing everyday.

The BNA Bylaws state that the Purpose of our organization is to..."promote and protect the quality of life, safety, residential characteristics and property values of the neighborhood primarily, and all neighborhoods generally." We believe that this evolved web presence will help us meet these commitments and achieve wonderful things in the future.