Brentwood Neighborhood Steering Committee Meeting for July


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Brentwood Neighborhood Steering Committee Meeting
7 pm Wednesday, July 7,  2021

Meeting ID: 816 8330 3124
Passcode: 013430
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1. Welcome
2. Old Business
     -      Approval of June SC minutes
    -       Hardy Boarding House Update
3. New Business
   -    Austin Fire Department  Community Outreach- Theresa Sifuentes
   -    C14-2021-0018 and NPA-2021-0018.1
         5610 Roosevelt rezoning from SF-3 to MF-3 presentation Developer Presentation  and 
         Neighborhood Plan Amendment
   -    Captial Metro – stations near Brentwood from PCAN presentation
   - Newsletter
   -  Labor Day Celebration
4. Committee Reports
-      Transportation
-      Finance
-      Communication
-      Public Safety
-      Zoning/Land Use: Dart Bowl property, Burnet Road rezoning
-      ANC
-      Parks and Rec
5.  Adjournment