Justin Lane

Here is information provided by the City of Austin Public Works Department regarding the Justin Lane Street Reconstuction and Utility Adjustments Project.

BNA December Steering Committee Agenda

Brentwood Steering Committee Meeting Agenda
December 7, 2016 7:00 p.m.
North Austin Lions Club (1103 Justin Ln)

1. Welcome
2. Additions to Agenda/Guests
3. Old Business
·         BNA Sign Restoration - Rocks
·         BNA Slate of Officers/Steering Committee
  • Luminarias
  • 1301 W. Koenig Lane
·         Approval of November Minutes
5. New Business
  • Beverly Kimbrough
  • Brentwood Social House

6. Committee Reports
A. Transportation
B. Finance
C. Communication
D. Police
E. Zoning
7. Adjourn