BNA Steering Committee Agenda for October

October 4, 2017
7:00 pm at the Lions Club (1103 Justin Lane)

1. Welcome

2. Additions to Agenda/Guests (10 minutes per speaker)
       Joanna Wolaver, Executive Director, Shoal Creek Conservancy
      Amber Laroche & Paulette Gibbins, Brentwood PTA re AISD Bond Election
      Ryan McElroy, Thunderbird Coffee, re Transient Problem
3. Old Business
     Approval of Previous SC Minutes
     Jim Hogg @ Arroyo Seco Intersection update
     Jeff Davis Street rename
4. New Business
     News Letter
     Neighborhood transient increase
5. Committee Reports
    A. Transportation
    B. Finance
    C. Communication
    D. Police
    E. Zoning
    F. ANC
    G. Parks and Recs
6. Adjourn