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Contact MJ Wetherhead at 512-769-7899 or

The Brentwood newsletter is graciously delivered to you by volunteers. If you can find the time to help just four times a year, please contact MJ Wetherhead by email at or by phone at 512-769-7899.


If you are wanting to submit an article for publication, please see our calendar (below) for the currently scheduled newsletter deadlines. Issues are typically produced in February, May, August, and November of each year. Articles submitted should not be related to for-profit endeavors.  Please see our Ad Sales section for details on how to advertise.  

To submit an article for the Brentwood Neighborhood Association Newsletter, contact
  • Article deadline is always a Friday. It's important that we receive ALL information by the due date (including articles, edited and in order of appearance in the newsletter; ad list with graphics from all advertisers ready for insertion).
  • Newsletter goes to printer on Monday (~10 days later).
  • Printer delivers newsletters ~3 days later (depending on print shop's schedule).
  • MJ Wetherhead (512-769-7899 or delivers newsletters to section leaders on or before the weekend.
  • Section leaders distribute to block walkers, then block walkers distribute to residents that weekend through the following weekend (~9 days).

Please note: The Brentwood NA Newsletter Editor reserves the right to edit any submissions for space and content as necessary. Inclusion in the newsletter of any submission is on a “space-available basis” and the appropriateness of the proposed article, solely at the discretion of the Brentwood Neighborhood Association leadership.  


BNA runs advertisements by local businesses to defray the costs of printing the newsletter. ALL ADS must be PREPAID, prior to printing of the newsletter. Our NEW ad rates are:
  • $50.00* per eighth page/business card (3.75"w x 2.5"h)
  • $100.00* per quarter page (3.75"w x 5"h); (no half or full page ads will be sold due to demand for space)
  • *NOTE: Ad rates were increased in November 2017 after many years without any change and to help cover our increased printing costs.
All ads must be Digital Files (.pdf or .tiff preferred). The newsletter is circulated to about 2600 homes each issue. Contact our Ad Coordinator at to place an ad. BNA encourages its members to support local businesses!!!

  1. Contact us at to confirm space is available. You can purchase the entire year (four newsletters) if desired and space is available.
  2. Please make check payable to Brentwood Neighborhood Association. Mail the check to BNA, 1417 Palo Duro Rd., Austin, TX 78757 and list the SIZE and the newsletter date(s). 
  3. Send the digital file to Once both are received an invoice/newsletter will be sent to the the advertiser stating that all was received. (Remember the process is first-come, first-served).