BNA Officers

The best way to reach out to the Officers and Steering Committee members if you have questions, concerns or ideas is to email us at    People can also join our official Yahoo Group at to follow communications on our neighborhood forum. 

2017 Officers:
President: Bill Spiesman, 5700 Clay, 512-699-1493
Vice-President: Barbara McArthur, 5700 Clay, 512-699-1493
Treasurer: Angie Ward, 1707 Romeria, 512-452-1366
Secretary: Evan Rivera, 5314 McCandless, 512-465-9656

2017 Steering Committee:
Pamela Leighton-Burwell, 1417 Palo Duro, 512-467-7093
Don Leighton-Burwell, 1417 Palo Duro, 512-323-2017
Bill Morgan, 2005 Burbank, 512-454-7207
John Halaburt, 1501 Palo Duro, 512-453-2976
Lauren Waters, 5604 Joe Sayers, 512-854-3841
Brian Jackson, 5604 Joe Sayers, 805-698-2822
Rachel Copperman, 5604 Jeff Davis, 512-680-1997

Officers and steering committee are elected in February for a one-year term. If you are interested in serving, please contact an officer. It is a great way to meet others in your neighborhood, work to improve the neighborhood, and have fun.

Go to the Brentwood Neighborhood Association Bylaws.