Neighborhood Watch in Brentwood

For years, the City of Austin and the Austin Police Department have had in place a citizen-based form of community policing called "Neighborhood Watch". This highly effective crime deterrent is based on folks getting to know their neighbors and looking out for suspicious activity in the neighborhood. It's been a great way to build community by connecting each of us to the people who live on our block and by creating a safer, more vigilant neighborhood.

It's our goal in 2011 to reinstate Neighborhood Watch on blocks that have had it in place, but for various reasons have let maintenance of the program lapse, and it start Neighborhood Watch on blocks that have not experienced it's value. Ultimately, we want to have every block in Brentwood to have an active and vital watch program, and to maintain a list of all Block Captains for better neighborhood-wide communication.

If you are interested in forming a Neighborhood Watch group on your block, please go to the following link at: to download manuals and other helpful tips to get things started. We thank Lindsay Schwarz for her willingness to pull this information together and also, for starting a watch program on her block!

Remember, we all benefit from our willingness to reach out to our neighbors, getting to know them and having a vested interest in their safety (as well as our own). Step up today and be the block captain on your street! We all win when we can rest easy knowing that our neighbors as concerned about our welfare, as we are about their's!