BNA April 5 Steering Committee Meeting

Brentwood Steering Committee Meeting Agenda
April 5, 2017
7:00 pm at the Lions Club (1103 Justin Lane)

1. Welcome

2. Additions to Agenda/Guests
-     Cici Scott, CUP for Austin Classical School
-     Upcoming Guests:
-     May:   City Council Member Leslie Pool
-     June:  County Commissioner Brigid Shea

3. Old Business
-   Rocks for BNA Sign at Koenig and Lamar
-   Arroyo Seco Dedication – Find a Date/Make a Plan
-     1301 W. Koenig Lane Update
-     Approval of February SC Minutes

4. New Business
-     Poop Station Roster and Alternates
-     Jeff Davis Parking Permits
-     April 18th CodeNext Mapping

5. Committee Reports
A.      Transportation
B.      Finance
C.      Communication
D.      Police
E.      Zoning
F.       ANC 
G.      Parks and Recs

6. Adjourn