Brentwood Steering Committee Meeting for August

 Brentwood Neighborhood Steering Committee Meeting

7 pm Wednesday, August 4, 2021

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Meeting ID: 841 9644 6910
Passcode: 472020

1. Welcome

2. Old Business

    a. Approval of July SC minutes

3. New Business

    a. Labor Day event discussion (Mon, 9/6)
    b. Dart Bowl property updates
    c. BNA Newsletter publication and ad sales position 
    d. Violet Crown Community Works Oktoberfest (Sun, 10/24 2-6p)

4. Committee Reports

    a. Transportation
    b. Finance
    c. Communication
    d. Public Safety
    e. Zoning/Land Use
    f. ANC
    g. Parks and Rec
    5. Adjournment