November BNA Steering Comittee Meeting

7 pm Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Join Zoom Meeting 

Meeting ID: 890 9542 3808
Passcode: 226025 

1. Welcome 

2. Old Business 
     a. Approval of October SC minutes 

3. New Business 
    a. Neighbor’s idea for gathering 
    b. T-shirts 
    c. Luminarias 
    d. Traffic calming in Baja 
    e. Committee for CapMetro plans 
    f. La Paloma Update 
    g. Arroyo Seco/Romeria concerns re man living in culvert 
    h. BNA Newsletter deadlines for Dec publication, ad sales coordinator (Don in Nov) 
    i. DLB & PLB Serve Until 02-22—hand-off of BNA materials  

4. Committee Reports 
    a. Transportation 
    b. Finance 
    c. Communication 
    d. Public Safety 
    e. Zoning/Land Use 
    f. ANC 
    g. Parks and Rec 

5. Adjournment