Arroyo Seco Project

The Arroyo Seco Project, a collaborative effort resulting from the city’s Neighborhood Partnering Program, will be underway very soon. We need your contribution to make this a valuable neighborhood asset for all residents of our community.

Email us today if you want to get involved and learn more about this exciting project at

The Arroyo Seco "Trail" Project will include important contributions from both the city and neighborhood volunteers. The city will install a demarcated pedestrian and bike “lane” on the roadway closest to the greenbelt along both the northbound and southbound streets of Arroyo Seco. The lanes will be separated from vehicle traffic by recycled rubber carstops. Neighborhood volunteers will install 12 benches and 7 dog waste disposal stations at points all along the greenbelt.

At this time, the city is moving forward with acquiring the decorative parking stops to delineate the bike lanes and also the pet waste stations.  The neighborhood's focus now turns to purchasing and installing the benches.  We need your help!  Please consider any monetary donation and use our handy Pay Pal option to designate funds specifically for this fantastic project. No donation is too small.  Consider donating today.

For your convenience, you can use PayPal to make a donation that goes specifically towards funding the Arroyo Seco Project. There is an additional $0.60 transaction fee that will be added to the price using the Pay Pal payment method. Please note: Contributions are NOT tax deductible.

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