Ardent Development Follow-Up

As you may recall, in April 2011, Brett Denton and Art Carpenter (Ardent Development) met with BNA Representatives, as well as affected neighbors, regarding their desire to extend VMU (Vertical Mixed Use) zoning to a large tract along Burnet Road (between Clay and Adams) -- see notice from earlier post.

The neighbors and BNA reps expressed specific concerns about the access to the project (primarily multi-family) that was along Adams Ave. Ardent approached the City Transportation planners about providing a signal and pedestrian crossing at Adams and Burnet (at Ardent's expense), but the City would not support this effort. BNA reps had made it clear to Ardent that without this component and considering the opposition of affected neighbors, that we would not be able to support the VMU application.

In light of the City's stance to not support resolution of the neighborhood's concerns regarding access to the site, Ardent notified BNA that as of June 24, 2011, they have withdrawn their request for VMU. BNA reps and Ardent both regret that there was not more support from the City to work towards a creative solution that could benefit both the neighborhood and their proposed development.

In light of this situation, Ardent is proceeding with developing a multi-family project on the site without the added density allowed by VMU. They may develop VMU on the Burnet portion of the tract (existing), but this is entirely optional. They will be filing documents for a Site Development Permit shortly.

It was BNA's hope to use Ardent's desire for VMU to rectify access issues for these commercial tracts, but without the City's willingness this could unfortunately not be done. If you are a neighbor in this area, you can file as and "interested party" to track the status of the Site Development Permit and provide input as applicable.

The currently proposed project (multi-family) is allowed within the existing zoning and without requests for waivers or variances, there will be no official vehicle for public input regarding this project. BNA thanks Ardent for their willingness to meet with Brentwood early in the process and their candor about the proposed plans. We also really appreciate all of the neighbors on Clay and Adams for their interest in this project and willingness to be involved.