APD Commander's Forum Re-Cap

On June 27th, I attended the APD Commander's Forum to meet with our two police liaisons for Brentwood and meet with other neighbors in Region 1. This region consists of Baker sector (Brentwood south of North Loop) and Ida sector (Brentwood from Justin Lane to North Loop). Our two district representatives are Ofc. Gary Griffin (Ida-4) and Ofc. Rolando Gutierrez (Baker-3).

In 2011, APD was reorganized; the good news is that violent crime was down approximately 11% in Brentwood (never a serious problem in our area, except for the occasional incident). Residential buglaries were down 9% in Baker, but up 38% in Ida. Note that this is sector-wide, so does not reflect crime in Brentwood only. That said, we have noticed an increase in property crimes in recent months.

One area that will be a focus for APD in coming months (that does affect our area) is the transient motels along Lamar Blvd., and the associated crimes of drugs, prostitution and theft in the eastern portion Brentwood. Officers assured us that they will be cracking down on problems in this area that will hopefully result in less "overflow" crime in Brentwood.

As always, APD strongly suggests that you mark your property with your Driver's License number (NOT your Social Security number) and have a full inventory (including serial numbers) of all of your possessions. Also, always lock your doors and windows (your car too), as many criminals are opportunistic and can easily find unlocked doors with little effort. It's important to realize that we live in a city and need to be vigilant of our surroundings and responsible for protecting ourselves and belongings.

APD has a new burglary unit that should help with the types of crimes that Brentwood is experiencing. The neighborhood association is also focusing on bringing Neighborhood Watch to every block in Brentwood -- but this effort relies on YOU volunteering to by a Block Captain and helping your neighbors be safe and secure.

The next Commander's Forum is scheduled for October 18, 2011 at McCallum HS. Come out and learn more about what APD is doing to help us in central Austin!