Violet Crown Festival - Volunteers Needed

A note from our friends with the Violet Crown Festival.
Friends and neighbors,
Spring is here! And that means it's time for the much-beloved Violet Crown Festival!

We are reaching out this year and begging, BEGGING, for volunteer help with it.  It's a HUGE undertaking run by a small, small handful of people.  Like a tiny handful.  Mouse hands, even. 
The Festival is May 2 from 10-5.  It will be in the back of Brentwood Elementary (on the west side) this year.
If everyone who can, would volunteer just 2 hours, we'd be golden.
There are SO many things you can do from the simplest, one-hour tasks to monumental, gargantuan tasks.  Your choice ;)
Maybe you have a group who does civic volunteering? We want you!  We'll be happy to write letters of confirmation of volunteer time to any group or individual who helps us.  Volunteer hours look great on resumes!!!

We have a super, super easy online volunteer form thingee than you can do.  That is our preferred method of hearing from you.

Here is the link:
If you wanna sign up the old-fashioned way, you are more than welcome to contact me if you're in Brentwood or Nancy Barnard if you're in Crestview.
Nancy is:   or 512-914-2917 
Michele: or 512-299-4596
You guys are always so good about showing up for the festival!  We thank you in advance for giving us some extra hands to make it happen!!!
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